Extracting Value from Data

EmergiNet helps your company develop and implement big data solutions based on Elasticsearch technology.
Using our Big Data Platform based on best-of-breed cloud infrastructure you company is able to collect, enriches, processes, and analyzes your data easily.
Focus only on your apps and leave the software and hardware infrastructure with us!

EmergiNet Professional Services

Professional Services

As an official Elasticsearch partner we are able to offer taylored consulting, support and training for your big data project.

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EmergiNet Hosted Elasticsearch

Hosted Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch as a service provides fast, scalable and reliable search functionality for your applications. This completely hosted, managed and cloud-based solution allows for quick and powerful search implementations paying and growing as you go! Focus only on your apps and leave the software and hardware infrastructure with us.

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High volume data analysis made easy!

AWS - Amazon Web Services


Aggregate a variety of cloud services and enterprise data sources either in the cloud or in private facilities.

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Continuous computation normalizes, enriches and analyzes the data.

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Insights are delivered via our UI and/or injected into ElasticSearch, Hadoop or into Amazon S3 storage.

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AWS - Amazon Web Services

Reliable, Distributed Streaming Collection. Any format, any language, any platform.

@EmergiNet we've managed to reach the right speed for collecting in a reliable and scalable way the increasing array of data types — audio, video, and image data, as well as the mixing of information collected from sources as diverse as retail transactions, text messages, and genetic codes. .

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Processing vast quantities of data volume. Multi-terabyte/petabyte range.

Many analytical algorithms can process vast quantities of information — if you let the job run overnight. @EmergiNet we do it in real-time. We understand that for some services such as national security or the healthcare overnight isn’t good enough anymore.

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Elasticsearch and Hadoop in the cloud. Insights available anytime, anywhere.

In order to meet the challenges of Big Data, we @EmergiNet are working with both ElasticSearch and Hadoop to build scalable data systems.

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