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      Rediweld Traffic

      Rediweld is a manufacturer of Traffic Calming and Site Safety Products, as well as Specialists in Plastic and Rubber Moulding Services. Rediweld Rubber & Plastics Ltd offer a unique combination of manufacturing processes and technical expertise. Our skills are based on compression rubber moulding and plastic injection moulding. Our Traffic management products are used by Highway departments across the UK and exported to the rest of Europe, North America and around the world,

      Find out more about Rediweld Traffic

      Rediweld Mouldings

      We want our customers to be market leaders and we aim to support them with the technology and innovation needed to achieve this. We view our performance in terms of New Product Introduction as well as Quality, Delivery and Cost. His drives our long term growth as the ‘supplier of choice’ for the products and services we provide and generates a reputation that is the source of new business.

      Click here to visit Rediweld Mouldings

      Rediweld Gripchocks

      Developed specifically for civil aviation and military use, the unique Gripchock represents the ultimate in rugged, reliable equipment.

      Click here to visit Rediweld Gripchocks
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